So, what do you get for your money with proofreading?

We will comb through your manuscript on the look out for the following which we will correct in MS Word with track changes so you can accept or reject our proposals.

Spelling (British English or US English)

Missing Words

Incorrect Words (Two, Too, To, There, Their, They're)

Punctuation Errors

Any obvious inconsistencies in the story although that is not a proofreading issue but if we spot them then why not let you know?

We are more than happy to proofread a first chapter free of charge so you can see how we work

RATES-for a comprehensive, objective Proofread including the return of your manuscript in MS Word with Track Changes we charge a rate of  $0.002 per word. That means a 50000 word manuscript would cost $100 in total. Minimum price would be $10.


For UK and other authors we will quote and invoice in GBP an equivalent amount depending in exchange rates at the time.


We are always happy to discuss discounts for longer works, series or box sets for instance (over 200000 words). We will Proofread absolutely any genre that is acceptable on Amazon including erotica and absolutely any length of work subject to our minimum price.

Ideally proofreading should be the final step in the editing process before you publish.

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