If you have any ghostwriting needs I would be happy to discuss them and come up with a package that will suit those needs.

If you have a series that you have run out of steam on, or need a prequel for, or if you are simply looking to add to your portfolio but don't have the time to write, then give me a shout.

I'm happy to write in British or US English and in any genre from sweet romance to military sci-fi and everything between.

Rates will vary dependent on the amount of outlining there is for your book. If there is no outline and you want it writing from just an idea then it will work out more expensive than if there is a fully worked up outline with character bios and other such information.

Typically working on a fully worked outline rates will be from $0.02 per word to $0.03per word.

For a partially outlined story $0.025 to $0.035 per word.

For a story from scratch $0.05 to $0.6 per word, this would depend on genre too for this service only.

Normally I would work on a pre-agreed schedule with you with payments on a part by part basis, normally for every 10000 words once they are delivered.


Non-Disclosure-I work on a basis of complete discretion for all of my clients anyway but I am happy to sign an NDA for a ghostwriting project.

I write as cleanly as I can so there should be minimal requirement for proofreading on the final project.

Samples-I have samples available but it seems logical to me that it makes far more sense for you to have a sample written specifically for you so I am happy to write up to a 1000 word sample for the beginning of your story. This would be a free service so you get a better idea of the writing style and ability.

Availability-For ghostwriting jobs I do tend to get booked a relatively long way in advance. If you are looking to use the service I would currently say to think 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Obviously if it is an emergency, it's always worth an ask. if I can fit you in, then I will be happy to do so :)

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