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A Fading Street

Professional Proofreading, 
Copy Editing, and
Helping you to create a work of art in words.



Here at Fading Street we stick to what we're good at so currently we offer several vitally important and possibly time and money saving services at either end of the editing process for your book.

Proofreading-We will proofread your manuscript before you hit that publish button. Incorrect spellings and missed or misused words are just some of the aspects we will cover. Go to our Proofreading page for more information .

Copy Editing- Everything involved in a proofread plus a whole load of extra stuff. Take a look at our Copy Editing page for full information.

Ghostwriting-If you have a series and need a prequel or need help maintaining impetus with a serial or are a standalone author we would be happy to  quote for ghostwriting services. Take a look at our Ghostwriting page for more details

We will  Ghostwrite, Proofread, or Copy Edit in  any genre and are happy to offer a FREE Proofread or Copy Edit of your first chapter (max 3000 words) so you can get a feel for how we work. For ghostwriting we have various samples of writing or can write a specific sample for you. Use the contact form below to get in touch and we look forward to working with even more of you amazing authors out there.

We are also happy to discuss deeper editing packages on an ad-hoc basis including audio book proofing.


By PayPal only (no PayPal account necessary).

Once a fee has been agreed we will invoice you for 50% of the fee which will need to be paid before work commences on your manuscript.

Once your manuscript is completed we will send you a further invoice for a another 50% at the same time as returning both your report and manuscript complete with our notes, to you by email. So far this system has worked well and every author we have worked with has paid the final invoice.


We reserve the right to change this system to full pre-payment if necessary.




Based in the UK. We are writers and  voracious readers with a passion for helping fellow creatives make sure that their final product is as good as it can be whilst understanding that costs, especially in the independent publishing world, need to be kept to a minimum.

We are happy to work in both US and British English.


The feedback was awesome and just what I was looking for. All the questions I had about my manuscript were answered. I appreciate the compliments along with the critical honesty. I truly, truly appreciate you squeezing me into your schedule!
Beta Read for author V. B. Marlowe

Thank you so much for the very quick response! I'm really impressed, I did not expect it to be this quick or thorough! I've read through Graham's comments. It's such an odd feeling, reading what someone else thinks of a story that came out of your head, but again, I;m really impressed. It's so useful, some things he mentions were not even on my radar (I had no idea that gotten was American - stupid TV!) and his comments will be so useful for my next rewrite. 

I'll do another draft/rewrite, and hopefully by then I'll have enough money to get proofreading/editing! I'll definitely be coming to you guys first.

New Author Hannah Fox

Just got back my finished proofreading from fading street.  I highly recommend this.  Graham found issues my editor missed.  He works quick and does more than what I paid for.  When book three is ready, Graham will be the first I contact for help.  Thanks again Fading street.

Robb Fluegel

Gift of the Master (Proofread)

Secret of the Master (Proofread)







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