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OK I hear you say. "Why would I want to pay for a Beta Read?" You've got family and friends and you can join book critique circles and all the other opportunities to have your book read for nothing. Right?

Here at A Fading Street we agree. Do all of those things. It makes good sense BUT how often have you asked a friend or family member to read your book for you but life got in the way and it just didn't happen, or the comments coming back to you were "I loved it" and "It was great" when you know that they either didn't get round to reading it or don't want to upset you and of course they never explain why it was great! Been there. Got the T-shirt.

Similarly with Beta groups. We've had comments saying that the main character for instance was 'inconsistent' but not explaining how or why and therefore making the whole rigmarole pretty much a waste of time and believe us, from personal knowledge, life gets in the way in the groups too.

Our Beta Read service provides a written objective report focusing on the most important aspects of your work under the following headings.

The Beginning - Did it smack us right between the eyes and make us want to read more? If not, why not?

The Middle- focusing on

Character Development

  • Was each character distinctive and did it develop through the book?

  • Did each character and the narration have its own ‘voice’?

  • Did we identify with the characters?


  • Was the action and dialogue kept moving through the book?

  • Was the dialogue realistic and in context?

  • Which if any sections felt out of place, whether too slow or too rapid.


  • Was the plot believable in the context of the story?

  • Were there any glaring plot holes?

The End

  • Was the ending of the book satisfying and logical?

  • Were issues and story arcs resolved or a tantalising cliffhanger set up?

Overall Summary.

RATES-for a comprehensive, objective and hopefully useful Beta Read including the written report we charge a rate of  $0.001 per word so a 50000 word manuscript would cost $50. 


Consider that if a Beta Read saves one round of developmental editing, there would be a substantial cost saving there. Alternatively if you self edit which we know many authors do, a Beta Read in this much detail could well avoid problems with the finished work down the line without having to pay the full cost of an edit. Call it 'editing lite'.


We are always happy to talk discounts for longer works, series or box sets for instance (over 200000 words). We will Beta Read absolutely any genre that is acceptable on Amazon including erotica.


The written report would be yours to do with as you please. If you want to quote sections in blurbs, editorial reviews or advertising you should feel free to do so.

All clients are dealt with in the utmost confidence.

Use the contact form to get in touch.

Please note we only Beta Read in MS Word to enable us to add notes if necessary.

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