Substantive Edit

A Substantive Edit is similar to a Beta Read but much much more detailed and is something more akin to developmental edits.

We will read the book and produce a report generally 20 to 30 pages long containing a Chapter by Chapter breakdown of the story with a check on continuity of events and timelines plus an individual chapter breakdown and any questions we feel are either left unanswered or require consideration. There is a breakdown of each of the characters  with examples from the text showing the way the characters are portrayed with an individual report on each of the main characters and how well or otherwise they are developed and any actions we would recommend if we feel changes would benefit the story.

Following that we look at locations, looking to see if they are consistently described, key to the plot and whether the descriptions are too much o or too little to create an immersive experience for a reader with examples.

Then we finish the report with a summary of the main aspects of what makes the book what it is.

The Beginning

Character Development




Dialog Tags

Descriptions (People and Places)



Right at the end we will then make a list of specific recommendations for actions you may want to take.


Because it is a much more time-consuming edit than any other the cost reflects this.

Currently the rate is US$ 0.008 per word.

We do offer a package deal rate see 2017 Package Deals

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